Employer Duties

The employer of early childhood services (including kindergartens, long day care and child care services) has a key role in ensuring the service’s operations abide by good OH&S practices.
The employer has a key role in ensuring the service’s operations are safe and without risk to health. When the committee does not have employer responsibilities (such as a site committee in services where cluster managers are the employer), they still have an obligation to report OHS concerns to the employer however, they do not have the responsibilities that the OHS Act 2004 confers on employers.

An employer must provide and maintain for employees a workplace that is safe and without risk to health. They must ensure other persons, such as families, visitors and contractors, are not exposed to risks to their health and safety arising from the organisation’s activities. The employer should consult with their employees about OHS matters that will or are likely to directly affect employees, including identifying hazards and assessing risks, and making decisions about measures to control risks.

The OHS policy and practical guidance in this section will help the employer fulfil these responsibilities.